Friday, December 02, 2011

International UTM Bridge 2011 Model Competition..

Pertandingan baru untuk tahun hadapan..terbuka kepada pelajar-pelajar tingkatan 4, 5 dan 6 di sekolah menengah...

Rules and Regulations


Ø The number of students in a group must not be more than five.
Ø Each group should be supervised by an academic advisor.
Ø Models must be displayed during the exhibition.
Ø Entries not complying with the rules and regulations of the competition will be disqualified.
Ø Decisions by the judges are final.


The models shall be made from non-metallic materials such as balsa wood, bamboo, paper, thread, straws, glue, masking tape or similar materials. Composite materials such as carbon fibres or plastic materials are not allowed.

Element Dimensions

The cross section of each element must not be greater than 5 ´ 5 mm for square section and 6 mm diameter for circular cross section or equivalent area for rectangular section.

Model Specification

Ø Clear span between supports should be 1000 mm. The overall length should not be greater than 1200 mm
Ø The model must be simply supported.
Ø The deck slab of the bridge should be horizontal and must be part of the model bridge structure.
Ø Maximum deck width is 100 mm and can accommodate dual carriageway of at least 30 mm wide each.
Ø Maximum height 300 mm.
Ø Base area at both ends must not be greater than 100 ´ 100 mm.
Ø Connection: glue or tie (thread).
Ø Ample space for placing dial gauge below the bridge at mid span should be provided.
Ø The model will be tested for 5 kg loading block for at least 30 seconds.

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