Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Malaysia Technology Expo 2011

On this Thursday, cikgu akan bawa 36 students untuk menyertai lawatan ke Malaysia Technology Expo 2011 diadakan di KLCC..

Sedikit information about this Expo :

Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE) 2011 celebrates its 10th Anniversary by bringing 10 times the excitement. In line with the theme Moving Innovations to Market, the biggest technological exhibition in the region will be displaying the most up-to-date inventions that will revolutionize every aspect of commerce, trade, information and communication

The landscape of the future is changing, and MTE 2011 is the perfect platform to showcase the latest and greatest in technology based products and services that are at the very forefront of the new wave. Take advantage of the vast opportunities available to advance your business. With over 10,000 trade and public visitors and 100 international exhibitors, many of whom are key industry players, in addition to 500 entries for the 10th Invention & Innovation Awards, MTE 2011 will be giving you what you need to maintain the edge in an increasingly competitive market.
Hopefully, pelajar2 cikgu akan dapat maklumat and some idea about innovation...now, we r prepare for enter this competitions : MYIC, AYIE and Anugerah Harta Intelek Negara 2011...


Umi Mus'ab said...

Cikgu Yazid, anak saya terpilih dalam lawatan ni. Insyaallah kalau ada kelapangan boleh jumpa di sana. Semoga anak2 murid cikgu dapat ilham utk AYIE.

Cikgu Yazid said...

insyallah..sy select all the students based on idea yang dihantar kpd sy last week..