Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Petrosains Science Show Competition

1.Petrosains Science Show Competition (hereafter referred to as “Competition”) will be carried out in 3 stages which are the auditions, semi finals and national finals.

2.After the auditions, a team from each category shall be selected to represent their respective states in the finals.

3.Only 4 teams from each category will qualify to enter the finals at the national level competition.

4.Contestants are free to pick either Bahasa Melayu OR English as their medium of presentation.

5.All entries should include a presentation script and a complete entry form.

6.Maximum entries are 3 teams per category for each school.


Welcome! Here’s what you have to do to participate in Petrosains Science Competition Show and be the STAR we are looking for. Here we go:

Step 1:
Get a partner. Your partner can be your friend in the same category and he/she has to be from the same school as yours.

Step 2:
Fill up the entry form. Make sure you provide all the necessary information needed. Incomplete submission will not be accepted.

Step 3:
Fill up the parents authorisation’s form. Incomplete submission will not be accepted.

Step 4:
Prepare your script. Estimated time given to each team is 20 minutes. Check the sample of the script here.

Step 5:
Do you have it all? Check our checklist before you submit. Once everything completes, mail or fax your complete Entry Form/Script Form/Parents Authorisation Form to us.

Step 6:
See you at the audition stage!

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