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Anugerah Hijau 2012

Join the Anugerah Hijau competition and be an eco champion. All you need to do is tell us an idea about your short video or sketch an eco friendly design of a fashion wear. Upload your idea (video) or sketch (jpeg image) and stand a chance to win cash and prizes for your creativity. Remember, the theme this year is WILDLIFE!

Trashion in Action Competition Guidelines

The Wildly Creative Trashion in Action Competition is a sustainable fashion design contest for Malaysian youths wherein participants are stimulated to think about societal responsible fashion designs in the fashion industry. The passion and the deep–rooted love for fashion are now being complemented with consumers saying “no” to conventional dyes and pesticide-doused fabrics that are harmful and wasteful to the environment. There are also many kinds of current sustainable fashion designs which utilizeds used and upcycled materials. The new currency is to unite everyone’s efforts in switching to recycling clothes, and to use natural alternatives of health and environmental sustainability and still being “fashionably trendy”.

This year's Anugerah Hijau 2012 sustainable fashion competition has a theme and it is "Wildlife and its Habitat".This simply means that the creative and styling of the design must be related to wildlife. You could create a design from newspaper or plastics in tiger stripe colors for instance.

The designs will be judged on creativity and how well it encourages young Malaysians to choose sustainable options within the fashion industry. Design submittals should be uploaded along with the registration form before Friday, May 18th 2012. See the competition communication materials, competition guidelines and registration form to enter the competition.

Everyone with a vision on ‘the future of fashion’ can register as an individual or team (maximum 3 members) for the competition up until 18th May 2012.

All you have to do is sketch your design, describe the kind of materials you might be using and also the overall styling.

Conditions and more information concerning (enrolment for) the Trashion in Action Competition are as follows:

1.This competition is open to all youths between the ages of 14-25.

2.To participate, a 1 or 2-page sketch or design (.doc/.docx/.jpg/.pdf format) detailing your submission as well as the recyclable/discarded materials that will be utilised to create the design must be submitted to Anugerah Hijau via the official web, including the participation form.

3.The design MUST have 70% of its design using every day discarded materials or recyclable items. These items MUST be obtained from within a 20 km radius from where the participant lives (if in group, any one of the participant’s house will do). This is to ensure that the materials are easily available and that you are helping to transform these recyclable or discarded materials into amazing works of fashion art.

4.The proposal should also include information on the following:

a.Inspiration for the Design (e.g., “I am inspired by the Malayan tiger, thus my design will be made from paper and will be making use of old text books rejected from my old primary school using natural orang and black dye to produce the effect of the feel of our endangered species, the tiger)

b.Detail / Description of the Design including the materials used (e.g., “I am designing a cocktail dress where the long dress will be stitched together using old needles and thread, interwoven with pages from old school text books. Please refer to the design below”)

c.Location of where the recyclable/discarded materials were sourced from. (“e.g., “The old school text books were going to be thrown away so I decided to explore using these materials to make a cocktail dress”).

5.Only ten (10) short listed designs (by our panel of jury judges) will be notified and these ten (10) contestants are required to attend a workshop (June) conducted by ULTRA fashion label co-founder, Tengku Chanela Jamidah prior to initiating the designs. This workshop will help the finalists beef up their designs and provide them with some practical tips and tricks.

6.Contestants are given two (2) one-on-one online sessions during the competition phase with the mentor and judges to discuss about their designs.

7.Contestants must use recycled materials to create at least 70 percent of their finished garment to be entered into the competition. The designs should showcase the possibilities of sustainable fashion such as using local and excessive (waste) materials, organic cotton, and new and clean ‘washings’/techniques and treatments.

8. A panel of judges will evaluate the designs at a Trashion in Action fashion show in October 2012.

9.The Judging Criteria includes the following:

•Environmental message of the design (for instance, "my design is to alert others on the need to protect tigers and not to kill them for their skin")•Design: Innovation (techniques, materials used) and design quality

•Fashion Show: Quality, visual display andclarity of information

If you are in a fashion school, or have passion for fashion and design, then this is the right competition for you. Wait no more, enter now.

sumber daripada : http://www.anugerahhijau.my/

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