Saturday, September 01, 2012

10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Kid's Teacher

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As a parent, you know that advocating for your child is in your job description. So when an issue arises with the person who's molding his or her young mind, you're going to speak up. But it's important to choose your words carefully. "As with anyone whose service you depend on, it's in your best interest to avoid coming off as too critical or demanding to your child's teacher," says Suzanne Tingley, a former teacher, principal and superintendent, and author of How to Handle Difficult Parents. "Expressing your concerns in a neutral way usually leads to a more constructive conversation and a better outcome for your kid." Read on to learn which statements, however well-meaning, can land you in the "troublemaker" category.

"My son says you don't give him enough time to finish his tests. I'd like to hear your side of the story."

"Henry is acting out because he's bored in class."

My child would never lie. If she says she handed in the paper, she handed it in."

"We're going on vacation for a week. Can you put together a packet of my daughter's work so she doesn't fall behind?"

"I know my son doesn't want to take your honors class next year, but he needs it for college so I'm insisting he sign up for it."

"Why do you give so much homework?"

"Matt has had so many after-school activities lately, he couldn't finish the reading."

"Dear Mrs. Jones: Why did you give Emma this grade?"

"My daughter and her friends don't speak to Beth because she's not in their group anymore. That's not bullying; they have a right to choose their friends."

"I spoke to the principal about how you failed half the class on that last test and she said I had to take the matter up with you first."

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